This is an aggregated list of many open source programs I’ve worked on, however most of them are one-offs.

Lorewalker Cho is a fully functional Discord bot that plays games where it asks trivia questions related to the game World of Warcraft. The bot is written in Python 3 and uses the wonderful library and uses PostgreSQL as a backend for storing Discord server configurations and scoreboards.


  • Allows setting custom trivia channels and prefixes (admin only).
  • Is able to error correct misspelled words in answers.
  • Keeps track of player scores in the Discord server.

Coming Soon:

  • Limiting selected questions to a specific topic.
  • On occasion say random blurbs when answering questions.

Want to add questions to Lorewalker Cho? Create an issue on GitHub and use the question-request label. Include your question text, answer and topic of the question being submitted.

Click here to add the bot to your server.

nes-rs is a work in progress NES emulator written in Rust. The name is subject to change and I aim to eventually deliver a full featured emulator.

This is a list of my long term goals for the project that I do not expect to be done for a long time.

  • Make the emulator as accurate as possible
  • Automated testing of the CPU with existing test roms
  • Automated testing of the PPU (frame by frame compare)
  • RPC-like api to allow external scripts change the emulator state (e.g. making a player AI using machine learning)
  • Full featured debugger accessible through a command-line interface

Notch is a CHIP-8 virtual machine written in Rust. I wrote it after getting interested in emulation from the Ferris Makes Emulators stream. It has worked with all games I threw at it so far, but can use a little polishing and refactoring.